Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Skillz Ends the Year With His 2016 Rap Up

2016 was a year of much needed closure with so many deaths and the overall terribleness that was last year and you can always rely on Virginia rapper Skillz to provide that closure with his unique and funny perspective. 

Skillz annually wraps up the events of the year with a hip hop bow and calls it his "Rap Up", and he's been doing it since 2010. Not only does it remind us of how dope Skillz is, but it serves as a perfect time capsule for all of the best, worst and bizarre moments that shaped the culture the previous year. 

He covers everything from mumble rappers, the mannequin challenge and that annoying dog filter on snapchat (seriously leave that in 2016) over a hip hop beat and gifts it to the world. 

Catch the song below with some of my favorite lines: 

"I gotta admit, Fam, I get mad as shit
When I swipe my card and they say "No, You gotta use your chip."

"The snow storm had the East underground
They kept shooting black men but wouldn't shoot killer clowns"

"Get an iPhone with no headphone cord
Or get a Galaxy and go and meet the Lord."

"Pardon me, as I vent

Bro, we made a reality star the President
And that just makes me sick
Talking about, "We gotta give him a chance." Naw
I ain't got to give him shit."

"More pros, less rookies
And if America's ours, how we let it get grabbed by the pussy?"

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