Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Redman - My 2nd Lighter (Music Video)

Funk Doctor Spock is back with a great idea for a track in "My 2nd Lighter" about finding whoever snatched your lighter, one of the biggest pet peeves in smoke circles. I'm surprised the concept hasn't been done already, and no the cotton candy pop record "Lighters" from Bad Meets Evil and Bruno Mars doesn't count. I've written previously about Red's animated personality and humor and his ability to take simple ideas and make dope records from them. Tracks like "How to Roll a Blunt", "How High" and "Can't Wait" have some of his best imagery to show his outlandish behavior  and of course his love for smoking buddha, whether it's "on a train" or in the back-row of a movie theater. 

With my "2nd Lighter" (directed by DJ Scoob Doo) Reggie Noble found inspiration on the funky bass-driven beat DJ Premier produced for Nas on a song called "2nd Childhood". "2nd Lighter" is not as serious, but lighter theft is a nuisance to Redman who is on "high alert" and is trusting nobody. The scratches in the chorus are a nice touch brought from the original song and Red spits some of the funniest lines of the year (who else wants an app in their phone called "find my lighter"?). Check out the video below.

The sampled boom-bap sound is Preemo's trademark and songs like "Smoke Buddah" and "Tonight's Da Night" show the Doc is comfortable with the smoother beats. Red is busy working on Muddy Waters 2 the sequel to what most consider his best album, but before that he will release The Preload EP.

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