Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Joell Ortiz - "Open Letter" Freestyle

On Real Late Sessions with Peter Rosenberg Joell Ortiz came through and bodied the "Open Letter" beat Jay-Z rapped over recently. The volume is painfully low thanks to Rosenberg on the turntables but Ortiz saves it with his hard lyrics. 

There are several quoatables like "they ain't fuckin wit ya boy/I give rappers this work who currently unemployed" but my favorite was when he addressed his recent weight loss when he said, "these broads likin me slim better, but I ain't workin out so my clothes fit better/I'm training so when I go in the booth my wind's better". Ortiz is spitting hungrier than ever and his new mixtape "Yaowa" is coming soon with an album after that. Check out his newest video "Roll Deep" and his latest freestyle "5 AM In Brooklyn". 

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