Friday, May 3, 2013

Elliott Wilson's Interview With Tyler The Creator

Rap journlaist/Joker impersonator Elliott Wilson interviewed rapper Tyler The Creator with his #CRWN series at the Highline Ballroom in NYC. Audience members paid to see Tyler open up about his new album Wolf, his family and influences, maturing musically, the Mountain Dew commercials, and why Earl's Mom still doesn't like him. 

Check out all the parts below and buy tickets for YN's next interview with J. Cole on May 29th. 

Part 1: Watch as Tyler breaks down the marketing behind Wolf, how he's bored with rap, his new four-story home, and his private music room. 

Part 2: Tyler talks about where his craziness comes from, making "big boy decisions", the controversial Mountain Dew ads, his sister, and playing with The Roots. 

Part 3: Tyler talks about his musicality, rebelling against blogs and throwing up on cue. On top of that he breaks down a couple of tracks form the album, describes his friendships in Odd Future, Frank Ocean's influence on him and meeting his idol Pharell.

Part 4: Tyler talks working with Erykah Badu, why he's the selfie king, his alter egos and crazy fans and YN gets Tyler to be serious when talking about the death of his Grandmother. 

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