Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WTF Moments of the Week

1. Ray J's new song "Hit it First" is real
Brandi's irrelevant and desperate brother Ray J made a new song called "Hit it First" this week. The song takes obvious shots at Kim Kardashian's current relationship with Kanye West and ex-fiance Chris Humphries. The act didn't only reaffirm his status as a petty playa hater but it's just childish that during her pregnancy she has to hear this awful song about who "hit it first".

After their public sex tape, Ray J is trying to get some props that he is responsible for her career and it's pretty shameful. I'm not even a supporter of Kim or any of the other Kardashians for that matter for the simple fact they are famous for being talentless idiots, but I don't hold Ray J to any higher value and obviously this is his attempt to get back into the spotlight. Kanye West shouldn't even bother responding but he's never really been good at holding back his tongue and Ray J threw obvious shots at him ("I had her head going north and her ass going south/But now baby chose to go West") so I'm sure we'll hear something soon. 

Making matters worse, Ray J called in to Hot.97 with Peter Rosenberg, K Foxx and Old Man Ebro to defend himself. During the call he says it's a "concept" and people are going too "deep" with it. Umm...the song is called "Hit it First" and the cover is a blurred photo of Kim Kardashian. He later said the song wasn't even about her. Listen to the hilarious and sad life of Ray J below.

2. LL Cool J and Brad Praisley have a song called "Accidental Racist" 
(Yes, it's worse than it sounds)

After Nelly and Tim Mcgraw tried to team up with their country rap ballad "Over Again" back in '04 it was pretty clear that the two genres don't mix well and should stay as far away as possible from each other. It is 2013 and not only is another horrible attempt to mix the two genres together, it also tries to debunk racism in the worst parody way possible. Brad Paisley is wearing a confederate flag shirt at a starbucks claiming to be from the south but he is actually from West Virginia.

LL Cool J has been on the biggest L streak of his career but this is a new low. Part of LL Cool J's rap "if you don't judge my gold chains/I'll forget the iron chains" or how about "R.I.P. Robert E Lee, but I gotta thank Abraham Lincoln for freeing me...know what I mean". I can't make this 3rd grade reading rainbow history lesson up but I hope people don't take anything away from this misguided mess of a song.

Listen (if you dare) below: 

3. Kevin Ware

It's been longer than a week but the mental scarring Kevin Ware's compound fracture gave to the world on national television will take a while to forget. Follow the link to watch how it happend, I'm still baffled, even though I've seen it many times, at the severity of the injury. It remains one of the most brutal injuries in sports ever. It's not all bad news though because Louisville ended up winning the title and Kevin Ware got to cut down the net. MARCH MADNESS at it's finest.
Yes that is a BONE sticking out!!
See the footage of the injury with his teams reaction.

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