Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Unbelievers - (Official Trailer)

I'm currently an atheist and have been for about 3 years now and I couldn't be more content in my decision to stop worshiping a mythical figure. Most religious people think that all atheists are unethical or narcissistic because they might have stumbled on a Bill Maher interview but that's not the case. My interest in biology—particularly Darwinist theories—in high school combined with George Carlin's ingenius perspective didn't make me an atheist, it made me challenge my own beliefs; and that's something everyone should consistently do throughout their lifetime.

What makes atheists so blunt about their beliefs is that they've been ignored for so long, but with the amount of research-based evidence available, people are starting to see the truth and how hypocritical and divided religion can be. The Unbelievers follows renowned evolutionary scientist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist/astrologist Lawrence Kross as they travel around the world speaking on the importance of science to many religion-based cultures. It's a beautiful thing to see the amount of people responding to their debates and asking questions because they are genuinely interested in the truth, a life mission the scientists are determined to spread. 

 The movie will likely not demand people to change their religion but as Lawrence Krauss says in the trailer "there's no one whose views are not subject to question" and this includes the clergy which people hold to such a higher power. (Watch this video of Richard Dawkins owning Cardinal Pell on Q&A) From what I am hearing the movie is more about teaching a logical and scientific worldview opposed to ancient stories to answer the worlds questions. The movie stars Woody Allen, Stephen Hawking and Ricky Gervais are just a few of the names which give commentary on the film, which comes out soon.

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