Friday, April 5, 2013

Sean Price - Bar-Barian (Official Music Video)

"Bar-Barian", one of the best tracks from Sean Price's latest album Mic Tyson now has some snowy visuals. The video features some Street Fighter thugs dressed in viking attire and Sean Price in a Game of Thrones inspired hooded vest. The song is produced by The Alchemist (@Alchemist) and the video is directed by Isaac Aguirre and even though these aren't my favorite visuals from P, see STFU, Pt. 2, do you hear these bars??

"I don't want to dougie, I just want money/study under the understudy the one-twenty/young dummies can't spar/no life, my flow tight, like your pants are"

And those are just the opening lines! If you haven't already buy Mic Tyson on iTunes now.  

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