Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Ray J - Hit It First (Official Music Video)

She's no Kim Kardashian just ask Ray J
Brandy's brother, or that attention-seeking male known as Ray J, made my WTF Moments of the Week not too long ago for his newest song "I Hit It First". As if that wasn't sad enough, now there is a full music video including a Kim Kardashian lookalike and an obligatory rap feature from a Cory Gunz lookalike. 

While he does make a valid point about "putting her on" with their sex tape, the video is just another pathetic attempt to get publicity from Kim and Kanye. What makes it even worse is how he keeps denying the video is about her. SON. You're not fooling anybody and you look desperate with this stunt. Who cares who hit it first? The sex tape was short and uneventful much like Ray J's career, please let it stay that way.

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