Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Louisville Defeats Michigan to Win National Championship

Well my bracket was ruined after Indiana and Miami lost in the Sweet 16 but I did choose the number one seed Louisville to win and they did just that after they defeated Michigan in an 82-76 victory. Much like their win against Wichita State they trailed in the first half, but they came back in the last couple of minutes to take the lead.

Coach Rick Pitino made history by being the first coach to win two titles at different schools and a lot of the credit goes to Luke Hancock, who led Louisville with 22 points and made two clutch free throws with 29.8 seconds left to stretch the lead to 80-74. Kevin Ware, who suffered a horrifying compound fracture in the final four game was given the honor of cutting down the net and many believe his presence on the bench helped Louisville win the tournament. See the video below.

Rick Pitino also announced that he will be getting a tattoo after he made a promise with his team to get one if they won the national championship. This NCAA tournament was full of upsets including Harvard winning their first NCAA match ever and Wichita State making it to the final four, and proving why college basketball is so unpredictable and entertaining.

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