Friday, April 5, 2013

Action Bronson Live in Toronto

Action Bronson is one of the few new artists I haven't seen live yet, but from concert videos like this he shows why you don't want to miss his set. Noisey was there to capture the hilarious footage of Bronsolino freestyling, crowd-surfing, stretching and working as his own security while rapping with massive energy. 

Action Bronson was recently named one of XXL's 11 Freshmen this year, despite having been around since 2011, but hey as long as pfeople recognize how dope he is; better late than never. Check out his latest single "Strictly 4 The Jeeps", produced by Harry Fraud. The song features an infamous sample from Biggie's "Juicy" at the beginning and another one from EPMD's "Rampage" (which features a show-stealing verse from LL Cool J) through most of the song

Bronson released two of my favorite projects last year, Blue Chips (with Party Supplies) and Rare Chandeliers (with The Alchemist) and his new album Saab Stories, with Harry Fraud, is coming this year after he postponed it in 2012. It will be his first full length album released under Vice Records. Check out the duo's latest collaborations "Morey Boogie Boards" and "Compliments 2 the Chef". And another hilarious concert video.

Listen and download "Strictly 4 The Jeeps" below.

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