Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Rick Ross feat. Wale & Drake - Diced Pineapples (Music Video)

Rick Ross recently dropped a baffling mixtape Black Bar Mitzvah which sounds like an amateur  trap mixtape copying and pasting unforgettable verses from other mixtapes on popular beats. At least four of them were on Cruel Summer and he kept Kanye West on all of them he also kept Lil Wayne's lazy verses from Dedication 4. Yesterday he released the official music video for "Diced Pineapples"—sort of.

Yesterday before the BET Hip Hop Awards he showed it on 106 & Park. Last night I tried searching for it to post it and Rick Ross' Vevo page said the video was set to private. This morning Rick Ross on twitter released it again with this tweet and I watched it on Youtube.

Now I'm just getting home from class and I try posting it again and it says this.

I don't know what the problem is but it seems silly to officially release your video worldwide then not make it available, then re-release it the next day only to not make it public again. Anyways, here's the only place I was able to watch it. That being said the video has some thick women, tropical locations and pineapples. Ross is doing sticks to his usual "bawsness", Wale turns to his spoken word poetry and Drake sings to himself on the beach. (pause.) I'll post the video if it ever comes out.

UPDATE: After some waiting here it is.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 - The Cypher (Talib Kweli & Others)

Well I won't have time to critique all of the cyphers tonight I have yet to study for my Philosophy test tomorrow morning at 8 AM but I will leave you with the best one and my favorite from last year. This cypher had more "lyrical" artists which BET is not a big fan of. Jean Grae, Talib Kweli, Ab-Soul and Sarkodie (?) from Ghana.

Jean Grae has always been one of my favorite female emcees along with Rah Digga and MC Lyte. Out of the three she is currently the most active and starts the cypher off right by first addressing "stop sayin femcee/it's not a word, I'll hop the curb and hit you wit my 10 speed." Not only does she spit her murderous lyrics calmly weaves the complex flows together making it clear that Nicki Minaj does not belong in the same category.  She's a veteran who's "quarter lochness/75% Chuck Norris". That alone should turn some heads. Not much to say about Sarkodie other than he was rapping fast in another language and I didn't feel like reading the subtitles.

Ab-Soul is an artist I've been praising lately for his work on Control System and with TDE. Schoolboy Q and Kendrick Lamar were also featured in separate cyphers and Ab-Soul educated the crowd with his scientific diction like "tickle your brain ventricles" but also entertained with punchlines "gettin faded like smokey/but I'm crazy with the motif". Altogether though his verse falters in cypher form because he is too used to writing punchlines for songs and not riding the beat and just rhyming. He's too technical with basic rhymes like "I used to loiter, these days I need a lawyer/call your employer" just comes off lazy. Than he switches back to scientific lyrics but you shouldn't be talking about orbits and pyramids in a cypher freestyle! 

Winner:  Talib Kweli 
Talib Kweli was the anchor for this cypher and he took the win slightly over Jean Grae. He first calls out BET (Let me show you Black Star power) and saying "it's funny they want me to spit even though they never play me though/this the real the alternative what you hear on the radio". He is the most skilled MC of the group letting off rhyme schemes similar to Eminem in last year's cypher. He even closes with the most memorable line of the year: Like Frank Ocean at a Chick-fil-a I'll never get served". I'll take this over Lil Wayne's "No Frank Ocean, I'm Straight" any day.

And here's the Shady 2.0 cypher from last year. Eminem takes it but Crooked I gets off too.

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 - The Cypher (Mystikal & Others)

And the return of Mystikal is here!!! Not really though. Besides him growling half of his verse and the other half being censored out I did not comprehend anything he said and I didn't want to. Simply put when you can't finish a bar without screaming ahhhhhhh ahhhhh you belong in a straight jacket; not a cypher. 

Then there was some kid named Jaybird the Purdi Boi (these names get worse every year) who won some rap contest and had the opening verse. This fag has the bisexual look of Miguel and the cleavage of Rick Ross in the video. Not much I can say about him other than he tried to rhyme show out with rock out.

Mac Miller was spitting the same spit on your picnic, daffy duck, wild kids shit that he has been the past 3 years. With lines like "Air ballon/high as heck" and "That was extra there/goin crazy like Clint Eastwood and that empty chair". The white high school stoner kid image was played out around Blue Slide Park and Wiz Khalifa's pop transformation. Schoolboy Q the "bossolini" looked stoned while rockin his bucket hat and keeping his hands in his pockets. You can count on him to spit an average verse that is usually followed by Ab-Soul or Kendrick. Regardless, I liked it except for his good kid, m.A.A.d city plug and him calling Romney "ifffy".  

Winner: Hopsin
That leaves Hopsin who I mentioned a while back for his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series. He brings his rapid flow, horrorcore style and different voices to close the win. Quotables like "If I didn't come, every bit of hope for rap is all gone".

Favorite Line: "If I say get on yo last nerve, holla then/but the truth is, y'all can't touch me like Pac's hollogram."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012: The Grand Hustle Cypher

Just about the only I really look for on the BET hip hop awards are the cyphers. (Check out the Chris Lighty tribute too.) I still think last year's Shady 2.0's cypher left much to be expected during this year's rounds.

That being said, I'm not going to bother to rank this cypher. Trae the Truth whispered some lines about Texas, some rapper named Chip with a British accent had some nice lines but nothing outstanding. I have not heard one Iggy Azalea song and her verse didn't motivate me to it was just a lot of bragging from a spoiled white girl that probably sucked off T.I. to get signed. She has a mixtape called Ignorant Art which sounds like a label most of these rappers are signed to.

And then there's B.O.B. speaking his usual faggotry, at one point I was expecting that bitch Haley Williams to sing him out. I mean son, with lines like "ya girl thirstier than third world villages" and than speeding up your flow off beat and closing with "they call me master cuz they scared when I pull out my whip". True fact: more people are scared of Drake than B.O.B. sorry Bob. 

Winner: T.I.
So T.I. took the cypher no question—except for giving an image of his girl tanning—and Chip had the second best if you don't mind his accent. (It's way better than  Theophilus London)

 Favorite Line: "A one man wreckin crew, one man band/Pull an automatic mac let 'em have it one hand"

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012: The Man With the Iron Fists Cypher

These are some of my favorites from 30+ people they had in the cypher and the order of their performances IMO.

The Man With the Iron Fists Cypher 

First off, RZA couldn't help  himself but shamelessly plug his movie by naming the cypher after it, having a huge banner under the turntables and mentioning it in the intro. But on to the rappers: A$AP Rocky, Childish Gambino, Joey Bada$$, Angel Haze, Driiicky Graham. First off Driicky Graham looks like a broke fabolous without the creativity and his name is like something Drake considered and threw out. Angel Haze would've been last if that fag didn't rap 2 minutes of hot trash. 

Joey Bada$$ spit a recycled verse off of "Suspect" which is a nice verse nonetheless. 80% of BET viewers have probably never heard of him. Childish Gambino used his skills as a comedy writer to put together a dope freestyle referencing Joe Paterno, Ninja Turtles and Whole Foods. 

Favorite line: "You ever smoke a bowl out with Kid Cudi?/ You ever gotten "D" like you don't study?"

Winner: A$AP Rocky

A$AP Rocky came out the most focused in the cypher. He switched up his flow about 3 times, said he had the most swag in the cypher, and said his first four words were "fuck you, pay me".

Favorite Line:  "Bitches only like me for my status/ livin ghetto fabulous and I'm still actin rachet."

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