Monday, July 30, 2012

Hopsin - "Ill Mind of Hopsin 5" (Music Video)

Hopsin serves up the 5th episode in his "Ill Mind" series this time rapping directly to young men wasting their talent ("brainwashed to a fake life you used to livin"), women confusing their goals ("You wan't Romeo u not worthy, u cock thirsty and probably got herpes"), and black people enforcing stereotypes ("Why are black people the only ones who can't evolve?"), and not in a polite way.

This type of forceful ideology is something this generation needs, especially in rap music. This might be my favorite out of the series for it's bold premise and genuine frustration that is laid out in a way that will get people's attention AND keep them entertained. Hopsin makes that an important part of his music and it ultimately pays off during songs like this.

Danny Brown - "Molly Ringwald" (Produced by araabMUZIK)

Detroit native Danny Brown releases his collaboration courtesy of Yours Truly and adidas Originals. The song is supposed to appear on the opposite side of a vinyl from Yours Truly featuring Joey Bada$$'s "Daily Routine". The last time I heard a song with a random actors name for the title, it was from Lil B and the song was a series of incoherent sounds behind him repeating the name 100+ times.  

This track is produced by araabMUZIK, a young and talented beatmaker who is a MONSTER with an MPC. Somewhere out there Lex Luger is shitting his pants wishing he could put together sounds like this, and Danny Brown flows over it with his signature humor and ferocious energy. Overall they share a good chemistry and could produce some quality music in the future.

Listen for yourself and download below.

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