Saturday, June 30, 2012

Nas - "The Don" (Music Video)

One of the late Heavy D's last productions and a video featuring Nas' flyness. Fuck the new snapback swag that Jay-Z is tryna hop on, this high class mafioso style is something Nas pulls off effortlessly like few other rappers can. Reminds me of It Was Written... I still prefer his single "Nasty" though.

"My niggas is ignant, put lead in yo pigment, just cuz y'all was mad at all the years I was gettin it." - Nas

Nas feat. Rick Ross - "Accident Murders" (Produced by No I.D.)

Some new heat with Rick Ross off the album. No I.D. did it justice with the organ jumps and choir vocals in the back. These tracks, and the fact there are more singers than rappers on the album, are already giving a more laid-back tone for the album with some moments of pure Nasty.

"You ain't mean to merk him, ya guns a virgin." - Nas 

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