Tuesday, October 9, 2012

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012: The Grand Hustle Cypher

Just about the only I really look for on the BET hip hop awards are the cyphers. (Check out the Chris Lighty tribute too.) I still think last year's Shady 2.0's cypher left much to be expected during this year's rounds.

That being said, I'm not going to bother to rank this cypher. Trae the Truth whispered some lines about Texas, some rapper named Chip with a British accent had some nice lines but nothing outstanding. I have not heard one Iggy Azalea song and her verse didn't motivate me to it was just a lot of bragging from a spoiled white girl that probably sucked off T.I. to get signed. She has a mixtape called Ignorant Art which sounds like a label most of these rappers are signed to.

And then there's B.O.B. speaking his usual faggotry, at one point I was expecting that bitch Haley Williams to sing him out. I mean son, with lines like "ya girl thirstier than third world villages" and than speeding up your flow off beat and closing with "they call me master cuz they scared when I pull out my whip". True fact: more people are scared of Drake than B.O.B. sorry Bob. 

Winner: T.I.
So T.I. took the cypher no question—except for giving an image of his girl tanning—and Chip had the second best if you don't mind his accent. (It's way better than  Theophilus London)

 Favorite Line: "A one man wreckin crew, one man band/Pull an automatic mac let 'em have it one hand"

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