Wednesday, October 10, 2012

BET Hip Hop Awards 2012 - The Cypher (Mystikal & Others)

And the return of Mystikal is here!!! Not really though. Besides him growling half of his verse and the other half being censored out I did not comprehend anything he said and I didn't want to. Simply put when you can't finish a bar without screaming ahhhhhhh ahhhhh you belong in a straight jacket; not a cypher. 

Then there was some kid named Jaybird the Purdi Boi (these names get worse every year) who won some rap contest and had the opening verse. This fag has the bisexual look of Miguel and the cleavage of Rick Ross in the video. Not much I can say about him other than he tried to rhyme show out with rock out.

Mac Miller was spitting the same spit on your picnic, daffy duck, wild kids shit that he has been the past 3 years. With lines like "Air ballon/high as heck" and "That was extra there/goin crazy like Clint Eastwood and that empty chair". The white high school stoner kid image was played out around Blue Slide Park and Wiz Khalifa's pop transformation. Schoolboy Q the "bossolini" looked stoned while rockin his bucket hat and keeping his hands in his pockets. You can count on him to spit an average verse that is usually followed by Ab-Soul or Kendrick. Regardless, I liked it except for his good kid, m.A.A.d city plug and him calling Romney "ifffy".  

Winner: Hopsin
That leaves Hopsin who I mentioned a while back for his "Ill Mind of Hopsin" series. He brings his rapid flow, horrorcore style and different voices to close the win. Quotables like "If I didn't come, every bit of hope for rap is all gone".

Favorite Line: "If I say get on yo last nerve, holla then/but the truth is, y'all can't touch me like Pac's hollogram."

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