Saturday, June 9, 2012

6/9/12: Epic Day of Fails

  1. The Celtics lost 101-87 in Game 7 against the Miami Heat in a shameful team choke effort in the 4th quarter. Shame to say this is the the last season for the Celtics team and the big 4 and Doc Rivers knows it. We saw moments of greatness during the series with Ray Allen hitting 3's and Rondo's aggressiveness but they couldn't pull off a team effort and put up boards like the Heat. Their signature defense couldn't hold James hitting late 3's (31 points) and Wade (23 points) even with Rondo's triple double. My only hope now is OKC embarrassing the heat and Durant telling Lebron to kiss his ring. 
  2. While Manny Pacquiao waited until the Celtics lost before going into the fight against Timothy Bradley and than loses in a split decision against undefeated Timothy Bradley despite landing more overall punches. Much to the upset of the fans and the boxing community the controversial score is now under investigation by the WBO as Pacquiao clearly defended his welterweight title and swung more round for round. Now there is talks of a rematch and the Mayweather fight will probably be on hold even longer. There is definitely reason to question the split decision going the way it did and an investigation might shed light on it but boxing has always been subject to fixed matches but this fight was a huge upset.
  3. And the most EPIC fail of the day. Rapper Canibus chokes in a KOTD Pay-Per-View rap battle against Dizaster by choking in the 3rd round and pulling out a notepad. If you thought that was bad enough, his arm was in a sling and he still managed to fumble through recycled lines with extra help from his pad. A humiliating and shameful day for his career. Bis we know freestyling is not your main sport and we know you're a legendary lyricist but you could've done your homework. You have one of the best battlers in the league and you pull out a notepad?! The sad part is people payed 30$ to see this. I can't make this up. After the J. Cole beef and all of these public stunts Canibus is slowly tarnishing his name and it's shameful because there's no doubt he's gifted but this is hard to watch. 

    Some of my favorite tweets:
    • "One of the greatest rappers of all time choked on March 9th." 
    • "Pulling out an encyclopedia during the SAT's >>>>>>>> pulling out a notebook during a rap battle"
    • And for the KO: "Oh you mad cause i'm stylin on you? >>>>>>>>> Oh you mad cause i'm 5 subject college ruled mead spiraling on you?" 
    To sum it up in the words of Royce Da 5'9" "This nigga gotta be on Bath Salt..."
    R.I.P. Canibus

    The full battle is now available to watch on youtube. Part of me feels bad but Diz brought up some good points because he brings this on himself.

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