Thursday, November 10, 2011

Happy Birthday to a Hip Hop Legend No Longer With Us

Happy Birthday to Christopher Rios, better known as Big Punisher (Big Pun), who would have been 40 today if not for a fatal heart attack caused by his morbid obesity. I apologize for my first two posts dealing with deaths in hip hop, but just like Heavy D's recent death that is now shaking the hip hop community, something beautiful can be found in these losses. Big Pun is in my opinion the best hispanic rapper to ever grace his voice on a beat. Capital Punishment is one of my favorite albums based on it's lyrical value alone, and his second album Yeeeah Baby,  released shortly after his death, did not disappoint.

"I shatter dreams/
like Jordan, assault and batter your team/
your squadron will be barred from rap like Adam and Eve at the garden." - "Dream Shatterer"

Pun was known for his lightning quick delivery and breath control (all the more amazing taking into account his obesity) as well as his multisyllablic rhyme schemes and street braggadocio which he delivered pound for pound. (no pun intended) (haha. big pun)

Pun also had a connection with the ladies which I will never understand. A story told by Prodigy of Mobb Deep comes to mind. Long story short Pun walked into a hotel room with a young lady and five minutes later she ran out screaming, "He tried to get on top!!!" Yes 500 pounds of puerto rican is a lot to love but with lyrics like, "I ain't a playa, I just fuck a lot/jump on top of my dick, and work them hips until I bust a shot" (I'm Not A Player) it's easy to see that he did not let his size affect his mack daddy abilities.

Big Pun's debut album Capital Punishment was nominated for best rap album at the 1999 Grammy Awards but in a major upset lost to Jay-Z's Vol. 2...Hard Knock Life. Big Pun fought a very open battle with obesity in the early 90s and on February 7th, 2000 he died of respiratory failure.

"My word is bond, long as I'm alive, ima put it on" -"You Came Up"

With all the arguments I hear about the best rappers to bless the mic I always hear the same names Biggie, 2pac, Eminem, etc.. It's a shame more people don't realize the quality of music that Pun put out in his career and his big personality which matched his big heart. Your legacy will live on through your music and that's the greatest gift you could've given us. R.I.P.

Peace, love and hip hop


"Still Not a Player"

This song brought him into the mainstream light and showed the world he wasn't
 just another rapper.

"Twinz (98 Deep Cover)" (feat. Fat Joe) 

90's street anthem. With help from Fat joe and their verses playing off each other this song is revolutionary.

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